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Super Dry Cans 500ml

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Janpan's No1 Beer.


Karakuchi means dry, and it is the word that best describes the sophisticated yet congenial character of ASAHI SUPER DRY. Its refreshingly crisp, clear taste makes it an excellent match for any cuisine.


ASAHI SUPER DRY’s uses carefully selected strains of yeast that not only facilitate outstanding fermentation, but also enhance the beer’s sophisticated aroma and refreshingly dry taste.


The malted barley used in brewing ASAHI SUPER DRY is selected from an exclusive network of grain suppliers around the world, based upon precisely detailed criteria. Such precision ensures uniform quality across the globe at any time of year. Hops of the highest quality give ASAHI SUPER DRY an elegant touch of bitterness.

Package Design

ASAHI SUPER DRY packaging is designed to conveying the innovative sharp dry taste to the consumer at first glance. The symbol of the brand is the shining metallic silver, which was totally unique at the time of launch. Urban and sophisticated, yet universal, it matched the product concept from all directions. And the metallic silver also appeals to the senses even before the consumer takes a drink, enhancing the coldness and crispness while sitting on the chilled shelves of retail outlets.